Get More Traffic From Facebook Groups With Less Effort

A piece of software has just launched that can help you get free traffic from Facebook.

The trick is to use Facebook groups connected with your niche to talk about the things you’re promoting. But…

☣ Doing this often looks like spam
☣ Manually doing this takes ages

☣ Autoposters seem to have a problem posting to groups

That’s where FirePoster comes in. It lets you post to any group that you want, even closed ones and it makes your posts look completely organically created.

What’s great about this too is it’s so quick to just select your groups, and make your post. What’s more, you can do this over multiple Facebook accounts with just this one time payment.

check out the demo of FirePoster There’s a special launch price until May 9th, no monthly fees and few nice bonuses included.

Product Review:

FyrePoster is a tool that does one thing and does it very well. Where many auto-poster platforms deal with Multiple social media accounts, FyrePoster focuses on Facebook groups because it knows that Facebook groups are a good source of traffic.

Setting up your Facebook profile is very simple (there is a full walk-through included in the software) and once done you will have access to all of the groups under your account.

Multiple Facebook accounts can be set up in the same way and each one will have their groups to your list.


The main part of the program is the scheduling.

Setting up your Facebook post is made very easy by way of the life preview on the right-hand side of the screen. You can add many different post types including images, links and videos as well as including emojis to help increase your posts engagement.

Once the post is created, you can easily see and select the groups that you want to send it to. You have the option of sending now or scheduling your post using a simple interface.

And that is really it. The software is very simple but it does the job you ask of it. It schools over some of the other auto-posting platforms because it really will deliver to your closed Facebook groups.

Coupled with this, the software comes with several bonuses including a ‘Facebook secrets’ training which will help you get started if you knew two groups on Facebook.

Overall, this is a really nice piece of software but is somewhat limited in its appeal. It is very, very good at doing the job it is tasked for and if you need help posting to Facebook groups I would heartily recommend it.

Product Highlights:

Post Videos, Images, or Text Posts with Real Time Previews
Connect to multiple Facebook accounts
Connect to any group that you can post to
Schedule posts or send right away

What We Like:

Nice simple interface
Easy to see what you will be posting
Easy to select the groups you want to post to
Solid platform
Does exactly what it says

What We Didn’t Like

Other (more expencive) tools do similar things, some cover more platforms

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