Leverage Pinterest For Traffic That Converts

I’ve been experimenting with social media for quite some time now and there are two things that are apparent. The best free traffic is currently coming from Instagram and Pinterest. This is why I was so excited to see the latest offering from Mike Thomas (who you might know better as Mike From Maine).

Product Review:

Board Commander is a step forward in IM software. The interface is clean and crisp and the product works. It has been so well thought through and constructed that it could easily be something you would find coming out of Silicon Vally. I mention this because I really do want product creators to look at software like this and realise that ‘just good enough’ isn’t really good enough anymore.

Anyway, on to Board Commander…

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To assume it’s a piece of software is wrong. The power of this package comes with the training that is also included.

In a series of 4 modules and a case study, Stefan Ciancio takes you through the PULLII system as well as how to set up everything technical you need. Each module is step-by-step enough that even the newest of users can follow. If you’re more of an old hand, you might find yourself skipping through occasional videos but the real benefit is in the system its self.

This takes me on to the software. As Stefan’s tutorials show you the tactics behind getting free traffic, the software gives you a massive leg up in making that a reality.

Unlike other, similar systems, Board Commander really is going to get you those leads you’re after. Pinterest is a great source of traffic and bloggers have been using it for some time now in order to help boost their posts and gain income from products that they sell. Even so, it is still something of an untapped market.

Board commander basically becomes your Pinterest management tool. It gives you all of the important stats in one place, so you can always track how well/badly you’re doing (and know how to fix it). As well as that the software helps you to find boards, accounts and keywords for you to target.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Board Commander will also allow you to create campaigns that will actively pin things to your board and public boards as well. You can set when these go off and then you can basically just leave it to do its thing. This really is set-and-forget software at it’s best.

The software also lets you manage multiple user accounts and pull reports from the accounts you do have. Mixed with the top-notch training in this package, you’ll be pulling in all the free traffic you can handle in no time.

Product Highlights:

Gorgeous interface makes using the software a breeze
❖ Amazing training which will rocket your use of the software
❖ Harness the power of Pinterest where people are actually shopping
❖ Works for pretty much ANY niche
❖ Cloud-based, no software to install
❖ Set accounts you never want to unfollow
❖ Find niche target boards and keywords to target
❖ Easy to use set-and-forget campaign creation

What We Like:

Very easy to use campaign creation
Gives you all of the analytics you need within the software
Amazing training lays out exactly what is needed to start making money
Beautiful in both design and function
Helps you leverage Pinterest, a proven source of traffic that converts
Properly beta tested software
Get fast, free traffic for any niche

What We Didn’t Like

It is a little costly, especially if you miss the introductory offer
Whilst the software is set-and-forget, the training isn’t
You do need to commit time to following the entire strategy

Our Verdict



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Currently: $57 (Price increasing daily)

Launch Ends: 26th April

This really does change the game when it comes to IM tools. I’d happily grab this software now because it will be the source of traffic you’re looking for. This is more than a good piece of software and some training, this is your blueprint to your online business and the tools to make it happen.

Have Fun!