Advanced Video Builder Makes Viral Videos in 60 Seconds

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There is no doubt about it, posting viral videos to your social media platforms helps you rake in traffic.

Today, a new video builder has been released which helps you do that, on steroids.

Check out the demo.

This advanced video creation tool uses a simple three step system to produce and share your videos.

Search the web for trending videos
Edit those videos adding voiceovers and audio clips
Publish them to your favorite network

What’s really great about Vidify is it comes with a huge collection of royalty-free media (both images and videos) that you can search to find content for your viral videos.

You also get to have live analytics for every campaign so you know exactly what’s working for you.

Vidify is currently in launch which means that you can pick this up for the small price of $47 for a lifetime account.

Product Review:

Vidify is a product that has been created to serve a very specific need. The creation of viral videos is something that a lot of marketers are using in order to gain traffic to their office or websites.

Until now, however, it has been very difficult to put these viral videos together and a good understanding of video production was needed in order to get any off the ground.

Unfortunately, the rate at which your posts exist on social media means that a post is dead after about 15 minutes. Even worse than that, for individual timelines, your post only has about 5 to 8 seconds of visibility.

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This is the problem that Vidify solves. It gives you a platform to create viral videos, based on videos that are already trending, in a very short space of time.

Not only can you add a selection of royalty-free images, videos from YouTube, titles, effects and your own media, you can do this in only a few seconds.

Not only that, you can also connect your social accounts to the platform and send your videos directly to them.

What this means is that Vidify gives you an incredibly powerful tool that can have you posting highly shareable content in only a few minutes. The power of this is clear to see…

No longer do you need to slave away for hours over a video editor, like Adobe Premiere. Now, you can have your promotional material created so quickly that your competitors will wonder how you’re doing it.

The software uses a simple three-step process. First, you search for the type of video that you want. Second, you use that video and others like it to create your viral masterpiece. Finally, you post that adds to your social media sites.

This is a very slick piece of software which certainly makes the creation of videos much quicker. The addition of analytics as well means that your Facebook, twitter, tumbler, Pinterest, YouTube and video accounts can get a lot a very good content very quickly. This has been shown to help increase traffic (and indeed is one of the ways that many YouTubers grow their channel).

Product Highlights:

Ultra HD videos
1 million+ images
100+ royalty-free soundtracks
Advanced video editor
Awesome video effects
Upload your own media
Connect your favorite social accounts
Live analytics and results

What We Like:

Very simple to use
Commercially licensed HD videos
Simple to create videos
Integrated analytics
Add calls to action
Smarter in bedding features

What We Didn’t Like

The platform can be slow
Very niche sites might find some trouble finding elements

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