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Hi Folks…

We wanted to tell you about RankMe! – This is a cloud-based app that lets you choose rankable keywords, create rankable content & build links, all in one place.

The keyword finder helps you select profitable keywords quickly and easily (including local terms). It then helps generate unique, easy to rank articles…

And it does all this with just a few clicks. You even get a ‘Ranking Wizard’ that lets you fully optimise your content, even if you have no clue what you’re dong.

But, the best thing about the tool is that you can also build safe backlinks to your website, build out Web 2.0 Link Pyramids and rank any content… even video!


Who This is Useful For

This is perfect for website owners but if you want to corner a particular niche, you need to get your SEO right. This is still the best way to get long-term traffic.

This is especially good if you have clients who want to rank their websites because the package comes with full commercial rights.

Check out the demo…

Currently: Earlybird 💲22.95 – Price Rises Shortly

What’s so great about this is that it goes out of its way to play by Google’s rules, so nothing you build is going to come back to haunt you.

And it can get your rankings for profitable terms even if you’re just starting out and don’t know what you’re doing.

Also… Look out for the upgrade which also gives you the ability to research your top competitors’ keywords and adds to the available articles you can use.

What We Really Think…

Automatic ranking with RankMe!

SEO is a real headache for most people. Even if you’re in the know, it can be really boring to write all of the content, check it through for optimisation and build links out to that content.

With RankMe!, all of that is set to change, however. This is an all-in-one tool that lets you generate content based on search terms that you know you can rank for.

What’s great about this is that any SEO expert will tell you that you need to do your research before you write your content and that is exactly the process used in this cloud-based software.

The software is broken down in to three sections, giving you access to a very powerful keyword finder, an article generator and a several tools that help you build backlinks to your sites.

The really good thing about this software is that it’s Google friendly. All too often, keyword tools or backlink packages are not liked by Google. What you build with RankMe! is a series of articles which are SEO friendly. Those articles are then bookmarked and safe links built to them.

All of this activity builds out your SEO’d properties safely and in a friendly manor that is going to stick over time. That makes this tool incredibly powerful and good to have in your arsenal.

What You Get With This Product… 

❖ Takes care of your keyword research
❖ Curates & creates 100% unique content
❖ Automatically SEO-optimizes everything
❖ Real untapped ranking opportunities
❖ Uncover hundreds of longtail keywords with in-depth data
❖ Includes our propriety ‘difficulty’ score
❖ Longform, fully unique content
❖ Powerful, Authority Backlinks
❖ True, ‘All-in-One’ Ability
❖ A Full Campaign in 60 seconds

What We Liked:

✔ Very simple to generate content that almost ranks its self
✔ Anyone can use this and get results
✔ Comes with commercial rights, earn from selling this to your clients
✔ Generates backlinks as well
✔ First tool with all of these features we have seen on the market

What We Didn’t Like

✘ Social signals are a bit part of modern SEO. It is included as an upgrade but would have been nice in the base product.

Our Verdict

Cyber Tactics Award