Amazing Data Mining Tool Takes The Guesswork Out Of Getting Traffic

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Data JEO Is a data mining tool. What that means is that it collects data from all over the Internet to help you plan out exactly how to run your Internet marketing campaigns.

What’s really great about this tool is you can find out exactly what people are looking for. Not only that, but it will show you where your ideal customers spend most of their time on the Internet, what other adverts that been shown and what the other hobbies and interests are.

Once you know that information it’s very easy for you to target Facebook adverts, YouTube adverts or go after free traffic from Google and Bing. You will stop wasting money testing things out because you already have an in-depth understanding of your customers are and where they’re going to be.

It’s almost like you have hackers working for you behind the scenes.

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Product Review:

This is actually a very complicated program to use and understand. Luckily it comes with some very good training videos that will take you, step-by-step, through the process of using the software.

But, the complexity is a very important component because that is what the software uses in order to give you the best possible data it can.

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The quickest of tests with this tool told me that my ideal customer was Carlos. He is between 18 and 24, male and Hispanic. I then get a detailed breakdown of the type of adverts he has seen the keywords that he searched for and which competitors he likes and dislikes.

As well is that I can tell exactly what Facebook groups he’s joined and the YouTube channels that he likes and views the most.

That data alone is absolutely worth a king’s ransom. Imagine if you could take your adverts and tailor it so clearly to your ideal customer that they would have no choice but to click on your link. That’s exactly what we looking at night.

The software, once you have completed the training, is actually incredibly simple to use. It also has a very good pedigree as this is the type of information that massive companies, like Amazon, Google, Walmart etc. use to target ads at their customers.

For the first time it is possible for you, a simple Internet marketer, to compete with some of the biggest names in business. That’s really at the heart of why this product is worth its weight in gold. Sure, it might take a little while to learn and understand what you’re seeing but the results should speak clearly enough for anybody to take up this particular offer.

We get to see a lot of software come through the cyber tactics offices. This week, in particular, there have been some incredibly good pieces of software. None of them, however, have the earning potential that this piece of software does.

Product Highlights:

Organic keywords. What traffic is being sent to websites & percentage of traffic?
What websites are competing for the same keywords as these ones?
Check Paid keywords
Find the most bid-on phrases
Find referring sites
Find Backlinks
Similar advertisers
See soclai media metrics
Simply tracking codes for landing pages
Run split tests, so you can start to see where the traffic is coming from
View traffic sources
Country based demographic data
Real live data from the actual traffic that’s hitting your site.

What We Like:

It is simple to use once you’ve done the training
You can dominate markets with the data provided
Endless posibilities for marketing and targeting, especially with paid adverts

What We Didn’t Like

You have to spend a lot of time learning how to use the software

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