Cheapest Webinar App beats GoToWebinar & WebinarJam – Unlimited Attendees

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Just thought I’d tell you about this software.

It’s a webinar platform that has absolutely tons of features. We think this is the cheapest on the market without compromising the quality of your webinars.

What’s really great about this is that it will let you use unlimited attendees. That means you can scale up your webinars as much as you want and you’re not going to incur extra fees.

Why not check out the demo.

If you’re not doing webinars yet, you’ll probably of seen them all over the Internet. There are a great way of leveraging traffic. The best thing is, there like lead magnets but really simple and quick to put together but everybody sees them as tremendously valuable.

N.B. Sign up to this today and you also get a free copy of Hydravid, that we told you about a little while ago.

Product Review:

You can’t have been around the Internet and not noticed that so many people are running webinars at the moment.

Webinars are a great way to get people interested in your content and to sell them your products. The problem is most of the solutions created for managing webinars cost an absolute fortune to run.

GoToWebinar, for example, has a very limited starter account which is (nonetheless) still quite expensive, especially if you’re starting out.

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It is for those reasons that the team behind Webinar JEO has created this software that allows you to run webinars without having to worry about the amount of attendees you have, yet still giving you many advanced features.

The platform is based on the very latest web technology from Amazon Web services. This means that the software is very reliable, rock solid and allows you to scale your webinars in a way previously unavailable.

It also scores over other webinar platforms that require you to use Google Hangouts in order to make them work.

Also built into the software is the ability to record Evergreen webinars that can be played again and again for your attendees. This is the secret source that has allowed many top marketers to be able to offer webinars with Facebook advertising that previously would have left them unable to do anything else.

This also means that you can record your webinar events, a real benefit as replays often generate more sales.

The system also allows you to run a webinar in what they call “hybrid mode”. This is where a live team member hosts a recorded webinar, and sits in the chat able to give feedback and help.

As well as the basic functions, Webinar JEO also gives you an interactive whiteboard, live chat, live screen share, audience polling, interactive quizzes, a private chat and interactive surveys all geared towards helping keep the engagement of your customers as they share a webinar with you.

Webinar JEO is integrated with the most popular autoresponder systems and has built-in lead capture and rapid real-time feedback that enables you to send targeted follow-ups to your attendees.

As well as all of this, the front-end that your clients see when they register for a webinar is very well put together. Most of the higher end webinar platforms have good looking sign-up pages and good looking webinar pages. Unfortunately, that is hard to find in some of the cheaper options. Webinar JEO over delivers in that respect with responsive designs that have been created in order to increase your views and conversions.

There really is a lot included and in a side-by-side comparison with some of the other tools you can see how much more you get using the Webinar JEO system.

What is really surprising is the cost.Webinar JEO comes in under both GoToWebinar and WebinarJam and you have a choice of both monthly or yearly options. It is worth noting that the yearly option will save you 30% on your fee.

Internet marketing is changing and using webinars to market your content is the start of the new paradigm. Where once it would have been unthinkable to run a business without a website, it is now becoming a necessity to have a decent webinar platform available to you.

Compared to the other alternatives, and based on the features available on the platform, Webinar JEO looks to be by far the best on the market at the moment.

Product Highlights:

Unlimited Webinars
Automatic webinar recording
Live and evergreen events
Interactive white board
Interactive quizzes
Interactive Polling
Interactive surveys
Live screen share
Live chat
One-click Private Chat
API Autoresponder Integration
Built-in Lead Capture
Follow-up messaging
Add CTAs live in your presentation
Countdown timers

What We Like:

Overall cost is good compaired to competitors
No worries about having too many people watching
Evergreen Webinars Included
Feature Rich
Friendly Interface
Built on a solid platform

What We Didn’t Like

It does take some time to get to grips with the platform

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