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Sales & General Enquiries

Go to our Facebook Page & send a message or simply use our chat box at the bottom of our web page.

Technical Support

Go to our Support Desk. Please make sure you supply us the product name, a clear description of the problem, You AP-xxx Invoice number or the paypal email address you used to make your purchase.

To make things easier please use the free screencast service to capture screens & video of your problem.

WordPress Support

Because of the huge variety & combinations of themes, plugins, WordPress versions & hosting environments...if you have a WordPress based problem - it would be faster for us to help you if we know the following information:

1. Your Host Name
2. Your WordPress version (See Dashboard)
3. Your Theme Name (As Above See Dashboard)
4. Screenshot of all the other plugins you are running use screencast)
5. Take a screenshot of all active plugins

You can also download server status plugin which will give information.