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A great way to pull in traffic is to run a video site and we have just the WordPress theme that can make that happen for you…

It’s called Covert Video Press 3.0. It’s really simple to install and you’ll be populating your self-optimizing video site with high-converting videos in no time.

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What’s great about this software is how easy it is to use and how quick it is to build a site that people are going to want to keep coming back to.

You can even ‘cheat’ the system by choosing what ratings and viewer counts the videos should display on your site.

These sites convert like crazy, in any niche. It’s well worth checking out.

Product Review:

Video sites have become very popular recently. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, if you have a site full of good quality videos connected with that niche then your audience is going to be interested.

What’s great about that is that video sites are more than happy to have you use that content which means you don’t need to create any videos yourself. By collecting a selection of good quality videos from YouTube, you can build an amazing resource for people interested in your niche.

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That is where convert video press comes in. This is a word press theme that is dedicated to allowing you to create the type of video blog that is converting best.

You can feature videos along the top, add your own advertising into the website and all of the videos have social sharing buttons, so visitors can tell other people about your links via their own social media platforms.

Covert video press is also particularly easy to use. When you first install the theme you will be guided through the configuration with a very easy to use step-by-step wizard.

Once you have gone through that setup, it is very simple to add new videos to your blog with the handy functions added at the bottom of each post.

The sites that you create with this theme will allow your visitors to browse or search for any video they like. Integrated auto responders mean that you can also get them to sign up to your newsletter and the buttons give them an option of following you on social media and sharing your videos.

Not only that, the most popular videos that you have will be shown first. This means that if you add videos that you think will be great but are not working as well as you hoped, you don’t have to do anything in order for the software to push them further down the list.

Adding your own videos is pretty easy. If you want to add your own content it only takes a single click and the custom inbuilt video player will take care of the rest for you.

But the real power of the theme is if you find videos that you want to promote from YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion or Vimeo. Just a few quick searches and you will be able to fill your website up in a few minutes.

The other major benefit with this theme is that you can use it on as many sites as you want. Many of the other themes available for this type site are expensive and will only give you a single site license.

This is a great way of running a tried and tested video blog on as many different platforms, for as many different niches is as possible. Because of the type of site you create, Google is going to like it. Because of the content that you create, your viewers are going to like it. It is much easier to grow this type of website than it is a blog, as you don’t have to create any of the content yourself (in fact most people expect you to be at curator of other people’s videos).

On the whole, I would thoroughly recommend this theme if you are hoping to get highly targeted traffic to your niche.

Product Highlights:

Step-By-Step Wizard for setting up and customizing any part of your tube site!
Mini tutorial videos for every setting in the admin area
Self-Optimising theme, showing the best converting videos first
Full integration with the big social networks
Inbuilt automatic traffic generation from social networks
Fully monetized with inbuilt theme ads and custom widgets
Promote and monetize your own videos or piggy back on other people’s videos

What We Like:

Very easy to customise
Proven, well converting theme
Integrates with the major video sites
Simple to add videos

What We Didn’t Like

Some might be wary about altering viewing counts or ratings

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