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You know the score, if you want to get people on your list you have to bribe them with something. But, getting something good enough is difficult…

– PLR is often really badly written
– Writing it yourself takes hours of work and design
– Getting it written for you
costs hundreds

Check out these guys making a lead magnet in just 3 Minutes…

They’re using a new software called “Instant Product Lab” which pulls content from all over the web to help you populate your own, unique lead magnets.

The best thing about this software is that you don’t need any special experience to start churning out your own high-quality products in as little as 60 seconds.

…And it’s all LEGAL & above board (you’ll see how in the training).

Until 4 pm EST you can pick this up for as little as $18 (28 bucks for the pro version).

If you’ve struggled with this part of the process before, this just might be the solution you need.

Product Review:

It’s no secret, the hardest part of affiliate marketing for those starting at eight is getting some sort of lead magnet that’s going to entice people to sign up to your list.

The fact is, without it, you will be hard-pressed to get people signing up. It has become the norm.

But, product creation is a difficult thing to have to deal with. Firstly, you need to know enough about your subject to make an e-book or video that other people want to see. Again, if you are starting out, you may not have enough knowledge to be able to produce that yet.

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So, your only option is to either turn to PLR or ask somebody to create it for you. The first gets you very low-quality content that people will really be happy with and the second is incredibly expensive.

This is the issue that instant product lab is aiming to fix. Using the software, you search the Internet and pull together different bits of content that is connected with your keyword. The software then and I was you to take that content and create an e-book eight of it.

The best thing about this is that is incredibly simple to do and, in this case, they found a loophole that allows you to do that legally.

Using the program is really simple. The first thing you do is search for articles using your perfect keyword. You have options to match any keyword, or keywords or exact phrase and you can choose where keyword exists (the title, keywords, summary or article body).

The software will then go out and find a selection of articles with your keyword. It will then add those to a collection and all you need do is delete the articles that are not relevant so you’re left with the ones that are.

From there on you can go on to create e-cover and an e-book (with a pre-content section and a post content section). As well as this, you can automatically convert any links within the text to your own affiliate links.

This is a surprisingly quick thing to do and you will have your e-book relatively quickly. It all depends on you. You could, if you wanted, spend an awful lot of time on this process (the choice is yours).

The books that this produces are perfect for giveaway offers. You don’t necessarily get the best quality design and layout, but if you look at the current market trends that’s not an issue at all. You can even create your own 3-D representations of the cover all from within the software.

On the whole, this is a really good tool that can save you know full of money. If you’re brand-new to affiliate marketing, or Internet marketing in general, you might find that this is just the software that you have been meeting in order to solve that all-important question of what are people going to download from you.

Product Highlights:

Create a unique e-books in 60 seconds
Automatically adds your affiliate link through the ebook
Host the ebook on our secure cloud servers to make it easy to share
Create high-quality ecovers with the click of your mouse
Create custom, hosted, landing pages
100% newbie-friendly
This uses other people’s content legally
Integrates with all major email marketing programs

What We Like:

You can use this without having a website
Very quick product creation, perfect for givaways
Solves the number 1 block that people have when starting affiliate marketing

What We Didn’t Like

Interface is a little old fassioned

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