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This seems to be the week for SEO tools and if you liked Serpscribe the other day, you’re going to love this.

See, personal blogging networks (PBNs) are the powerhouse of SEO. It’s the best way to create links back to your site and rank quickly. The problem is, they are a pain to set up and manage.

Check out the new tool that builds PBNs for you in a matter of minutes… And the great thing is, you don’t need 100+ sites to make it work.

In fact, PBN builder takes spun content and pushes it to all of the websites in your network. This means you can quickly and easily syndicate your videos and niche sites, get fast rankings on page 1, post schedules for the future and much more…

But, the best thing about this tool is how simple it is to set up. You can do it all in 3 simple steps…

Step 1: Connect your PBN sites and your money sites and/or videos

Step 2: Tell PBN Builder which of your money sites or videos you want to get Ranked

Step 3: Set up your syndication schedule or have your syndication start right away.

And then you just sit back and watch your sites and videos rank.

If you want to give your SEO a boost then this is by far the best way to do it, and you’re in charge of your whole network, quickly and easily.

Now, the software is on sale today in two flavours. You can get the Bronze or Silver addition with prices ranging from 37 – 47 bucks.

Of course, we recommend picking up the silver edition whilst it is so cheap. For just $47 you get to create 10 times the amount of networks and you can use them for your clients as well.

Grab this now, before they put the price up!

Product Review:

This truly is the age of the SEO tool. I remember clearly when it was my job to rank websites, thinking how useful products would be if they were tailored towards getting sites ranking.

Currently one of the best ways you can get a website to rank is by using a personal blog network. Whilst these networks deliver fast ranking capabilities, they are often difficult to manage especially if you have more than one for various clients or niches.


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This is what PBN Bilder has been built to do. PBN Builder is a client based tool which you can access from any computer, very useful if you are travelling on holiday. Once you set up your network the software is capable of syndicating links that have been pre-scheduled and pushing out content to your blog network. This means that it is easier for you to donate Google for both yourself and your clients.

The great thing about this software is the speed at which it can be used. PBN Builder comes with the ability to set up new sites in just a few minutes, following a four step building wizard, but a clean install of WordPress is needed to make this work properly.

That said, once the sites have been created it is very simple for you to manage any size of PBN. What the PBN Builder team suggest, however, is to use a “micro-network” that seem to be very popular with search engine optimisers at the moment.

The great thing about having your network, of course, is that it can serve different purposes. Thinking about this, PBN Builder includes a way to easily group multiple networks to make your job easier.

Once grouped, you can add in specific clients or campaigns so you can easily send your link with a few clicks of a button.

Content creation is done using a full WYSIWYG editor. This takes spintax, so you can be sure the content posted on blogs appears unique it to the search engines. To save you from over linking to a particular site, automatic link limits also available. Curb your own linking set a maximum amount of links for each of your clients.

When creating a network like this, it is important to have authority links in each of your bits of content as well. PBN Builder has already thought of this and so they give you the ability to add links to different authority sites automatically through your content.

As well as this, automatic video and image embedding will make sure that your posts are seen as more natural within Google without having to waste time finding the first place.

All in all, this is a very powerful tool with some amazing features for people who want to build their own networks for both personal and client use. It has long been an issue amongst link builders that the cost in time of setting up a personal blogging network was far more than any financial remuneration they may have received from it.

Now with PBN Builder, this is no longer the case and first page rankings for websites and other content seem like just a few clicks away.

Product Highlights:

100% Cloud-Based
100% Set And Forget
Personal AND Client Use
2-minute PBN Site Setup
Manage ANY Size PBN
Easily Group Your PBN’s
Easily Match Your Clients To A Grouped PBN
Mass PBN Syndication
Complete WYSIWYG PBN Content Editor
Automatic Link Limit Settings
Automatic Outbound Link Limit Settings
Automatic Authority Link Placement
Automatic Image and Video Embedding
Powerful Built-In CRM
Multiple URL And Keyword Tagging
Powerful Website Info CRM
Detailed PBN Syndication Stats

What We Like:

Simple setup
Runs your PBN for you
Easy to add clients to
Proven ranking system
Brilliant content creation, fast and simple
Great wizard to optimise your content

What We Didn’t Like

You have to create the websites to begin with

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