Fully-Fledged Webinar Platform with advanced Dynamic Layouts function – One-Time fee

This is a great opportunity to invest in a fully-fledged webinar platform. It’s called WebinarHD and it replicates the best functions of other platforms at a fraction of the cost…

It also gives you the ability to have dynamic layouts, not available in any other webinar platform, that let you change the look of your webinar with a single click.

Play your own intros/outros, you can even add in a commercial break if you wanted. This has all of the features of GoToWebinar and much more besides.

Product Image

Specific features of the product we liked:

❖ Reliable LIVE HD Webinar Delivery
❖ Up to 500 Attendees
❖ Cloud-Based Webinar System
❖ One Click Dynamic Layouts
❖ LIVE-LIKE Webinars Simulation
❖ Preset Instant Webinars
❖ Done4You Sign-Up Funnel
❖ Custom "Thank You Page" Option
❖ Embed Registration Page
❖ Custom Branding
❖ Play Videos LIVE
❖ Built-In Autoresponder
❖ LIVE Chat
❖ Chat Recording & Download
❖ Social Media Integration
❖ Facebook LIVE Streaming
❖ YouTube LIVE Streaming
❖ Upload Slides
❖ Screen Share (Desktop/App/Tab)
❖ Unlimited Co-Host/Presenters
❖ Elevate Any Attendee to Presenter
❖ HD Auto-Recording
❖ MP4 Download of Recording
❖ Webinar Replay with Chat Replay
❖ Custom Buy Button on Replay Page
❖ Autoresponder Integration
❖ Analysis & Reports
❖ Self Help Tutorials

The best thing about this system is actually the cost. I spoke to Kimberly and their plans are to expand this system over time.

So, this is the perfect opportunity to get a top-tier webinar platform and be grandfathered in. Do look out for the Evergreen edition that lets you run ‘always-on’ content.

Key Benefits of using this product are:

Reliable webinar delivery, a must for webinars
Custom thank you and branding options, every bit as good as WebEx or GoToWebinar
Autoresponder integration to pick up leads
Automatically records your webinars
All for a one-time fee, only available during launch

Having looked at this product our overall opinion is…



Currently, it’s 💲47 – 💲97 one-time for a personal or commercial license – The deal is available until 4th November 

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Don’t miss out on this one as it will save you a fortune compared to other webinar platforms’ monthly fees.