Get Local Business Clients using a shrewd bit of software

So, hopefully, you are building your knowledge and skills up and now have access to a bunch of really useful tools. But…

There’s an income source you might not have looked at yet… Local businesses!

You know, they need the same information as you’re getting. They need websites and SEO and marketing help. Well, you know where to get that from now and could sell that in to bricks-and-mortar businesses in your area.

Even if you can’t do these services yourself, you can always hire someone in for the job and take a consultant’s fee.

The only thing stopping you is finding clients who need your services, which is where Lead Sensationz comes in. It’s a software platform that lets you search for local businesses to target.

Check out the demo here

What I really like about this is that it tells you exactly how you can help your prospects as well. If they’ve not got a responsive website or their site is loading really slowly, you’ll know straight away. Perhaps they’re not on social media.. the tool will tell you.

It’s got a bunch of really useful features and you can be emailing prospects straight away.

There’s full training included as well and it’s well worth the price for a lifetime licence. More below…

Product Review:

Anyone who has run their own local business before knows that the major hurdle to being successful is finding clients. That is the really great thing about this software, it makes searching for prospects an absolute breeze.

When you get inside the software, you can choose your location and your niche (you may want to search for restaurants, dentists, builders etc.) And it will donate and analyze each of the businesses in your area.

>> Find Out More –” /></center></p><p>You can even choose the distance that you want the search to cover, anything up to 30 miles.</p><p>The results instantly display whether or not your potential prospect has any social media. This is a great starting point because this is often where local businesses fall down.</p><p>Opening up more information shows you whether the business is running a WordPress website, how fast that page is, and whether it’s responsive.</p><p>You can even click to be taken to the website you are looking at.</p><p>But, that’s not all. The software allows you to perform some more advanced analysis and then down that is a PDF report. Further to this, you can also send a personalized email, directly from within the software, which also includes the report.</p><p>The people behind the software have coupled this with a very in-depth tutorial series about how you can go by setting up and running your online/offline business. They also give you access to templates that you can use to contact you prospects.</p><p>All in all, the software is very good and does the job is set out to do. I can easily see this being used time and time again to target local businesses who are in real need of the services you can provide.</p><p><span class=Product Highlights:

2-Step process, Search & Contact
Search by keyword to find specific businesses you want to target
Search by location to target clients in specific areas
Filter results to show businesses based on the type of website they have
See exactly what clients need help with, before you even contact them!

What We Like:

The searching is fantastic and the results incredibly useful
The PDF report adds another layer of professinalism in to any pitch
The training is fantastic and will help you get started straight away
Makes contactinc potential leads dead simple
You know people want the services you can offer

What We Didn’t Like

The search radius jumps up in odd incriments
It takes a little while to load everything in
They don’t give many ideas of industries to contact
Working with local businesses isn’t always as easy as they make out

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