How To Increase Social Media Engagement With This Simple Trick

So, you’ve got your Facebook, Twitter accounts and WordPress blog all set up and you’re ready to reach your audience but there is something missing. It doesn’t matter what you’re putting out there, people are not interacting with your posts. You need "Engagement"!

Ali G and Marcus Lim have come up with this product to help you gain engagement across all of your social media platforms. Enter Gifbuddy.

Product Review:

Animated Gifs are making a bit of a comeback at the moment and this software helps you jump on that band-waggon.

Using Gifbuddy’s simple search interface you can bring up a list of gifs for virtually any keyword.

Once done, you are able to send that gif out to your Facebook, Twitter or WordPress platforms. You can send the Gif straight away or you can schedule it so that it appears in the future.

Product Image

This end’s up being a pretty powerful tool and those who act quickly will get access to a video case study showing you exactly how you can profit using animated Gifs.

Along with that, there are training videos showing you how to connect your accounts (a bit of a hassle with Facebook but that’s not the platform’s fault) and a nice raft of bonuses which should help enhance the software.

What will really benefit you is a list of Hashtags that is built into the program, showing you what people are currently searching for. If you want to keep your posts relevant to ‘the conversation’, these tags will go a long way in helping you do that. The interface is clean and the software easy to use once you’ve done a few practice runs.

All of this gives you a very powerful tool that helps you pull in viral traffic and engage your visitors without the hassle of having to do this all manually.

Product Highlights:

Works with Facebook Profiles, FanPages, Groups
Works with your Twitter account
Works with your WordPress blog
Shedule your content in just a few clicks
Includes basic #Hashtag research
Increase click through rates
Pick up Viral Traffic

What We Like:

Very quick to search through tons of targetd gifs
Nice and easy to set up the posts
Handy Re-Post function for popular posts
Easily check post analytics
Simultaneously post to pages, groups and profile

What We Didn’t Like

Facebook integration (as always) is a bit of a pain
More value in using this on Facebook than the other platforms
Doesn’t post images as native tweets

Our Verdict


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Currently: $41.30 (Lifetime pricing for launch period only)

Whilst the majority of the functions benefit Facebook users over posting on Twitter or WordPress, the current low price for this product makes it a really nice one to pick up now. The bonus case study is good enough to help people start to engage and pull in traffic straight away. Of course… Traffic + Conversion = Sales.