How To Make Traffic Pulling Viral Videos in 5 Minutes Or Less…

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Good content helps drive traffic & some of the best traffic is from videos. This is why we wanted to tell you about Videosly, which effortlessly combines the two.

Videosly is a cloud-based video creation platform that lets you re-purpose other people’s content to create videos.

Imagine taking the most viral content online and customising it for your own videos. That’s what we’re talking about here.

Create videos for any product, service or niche. Upload them to your social media and syndicate them out to YouTube or other video sites for maximum coverage.


Who This is Useful For

Video is a great way to get traffic to your offers or pages, so this tool would be perfect for someone needing traffic to a niche.

Because it lets you create videos from any online article, you can create videos about the most viral & trending topics, without breaking your back.

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Currently: πŸ’²27 (Premium) – πŸ’²37 (Agency)

But, the best thing about this is that you can also brand your videos and create calls to action that will get viewers clicking through to your pages, offers and content.

What We Really Think…



Video has been used in sales for quite some time now and the ability to put video content out has long been getting people interested in products or services.

The problem is, creating these videos can sometimes be time-consuming and if you’re chasing the latest trends (or even products) almost impossible to keep up with.

What if you could create videos in 5 minutes that would take care of this traffic for you? That’s what Videosly does. It lets you pull content from the web in order to build up the sides of your video.

This quickly creates videos that are perfect for sharing on social media that are speaking directly to your audience.

You don’t have to follow the latest trends for this tool to work for you, either. Any niche or product you can think of will have a lot of information out there.

All of this can be pulled into a video, making you look like an authority in your field, even if you’ve done very little work.

This isn’t the only product that does this but the videos I’ve seen from Videosley are some of the better ones out there.

If you need a video traffic solution then you might be on to something here.

What You Get With This Product… 

❖ 100% cloud-based, SaaS solution
❖ Share Anywhere
❖ 100% compliant with both FB & Instagram
❖ Direct YouTube upload functionality
❖ OPTIMIZED length for video ads
❖ Powerful Integrations
❖ Create Unlimited Videos
❖ Ongoing Updates & Training
❖ MULTIPLE video creation options:
❖ MASSIVE library of built-in video clips and audio tracks:
❖ Unlimited Customization
❖ Hi-Def Resolution For Optimal Playback On Any Device

What We Liked:

βœ” Very simple to use
βœ” Good quality video creation
βœ” Lets you use your own videos
βœ” Lets you add calls to action
βœ” Good sizes for social media

What We Didn’t Like

✘ There are other apps out there that do a similar thing

Our Verdict

Cyber Tactics Award