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Sticky Videos are videos that get stuck to the top of your page with a custom call to action.

They have been shown to increase conversions and all the big boys are starting to use them.

Now, a product is launching today that means you can do the very same thing as Facebook…

The best thing, it only takes 60 seconds to set this software up…

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What I really love about this is that you can use other people’s videos to promote offers you want to make. The banner it creates is fully customisable and geared towards you getting that click.

If you run a website (or plan to) this is well worth checking out. It’s a great way to get offers in front of your viewers.

Product Review:

StickVid is a system that allows you to create sticky videos.

Most people don’t know about sticky videos yet but they are the types of videos that are appearing at the top of websites as you scroll down.

The great thing about these videos is that you can show your visitors offers based on video and these seem to convert at a much higher rate than just having a video at the top of your page.

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The great thing about StickVid is not only that it is easy to use but also that you don’t even need to record your own videos.

With StickVid, you upload any video you want and then create a banner which has your own call to action and links to your office or affiliate products.

The banner is completely customizable dentist font sizes and colors but you can also start off with one of the many templates that are included.

As well as just the basic buttons and calls to action, the software also includes elements like kind downtime is that can be used to entice your viewers to click on your link.

Adding your new sticky video to your website is fairly simple. As with most software platforms, you are given a code to embed into your website and once it’s there the code should do the rest.

Once uploaded, your video is stored on incredibly fast servers that mean it will be delivered to your viewers without any stuttering or pauses from the StikVid service.

There is no doubt that these sticky videos are being taken seriously. Places like Facebook are already experimenting with them and many popular blogging sites have been using these recently to increase the own conversions.

As well as that, they can be used on sales pages or lead magnets to increase the amount of sign-ups you gain or on blogs to gain interest in your offers.

Product Highlights:

HTML Based
Works with any website
Helps increase conversions
Easy to use interface
Use other people’s videos
Analytics included

What We Like:

Use across your content and your sales pages
Very simple to use
Completely customisable
Shown to increase conversions

What We Didn’t Like

It can feel a little in-your-face (but you can put it at the bottom of the page)

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