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We’ve talked several times about software to alter posts to Facebook. There’s some good stuff out there but the problem is much of what it posts isn’t all that good a tool.

So, how do you find quality content to post on your fan pages and groups without Facebook taking up all of your time and resources? The answer is SimplyViral.

Check out how they got thousands of fans on a Facebook page in just a few days.

The best part about this software is that it will search through viral posts on the seven biggest viral traffic platforms on the Internet. That means you always know you are posting hyper-engaging content.

This is the exact same strategy that newspapers like the Daily Mail and Lad Bible are using to supercharge their fan pages and that’s without slaving over contents, endless advertising or time-consuming posting.

Now, there is an early bird, lifetime offer on this software right now. That will disappear at 2 PM EST.

Until then, you can pick up this software for just 27 bucks. It’s an absolute steal!

Product Review:

We are constantly told that content is king but finding content for your Facebook pages can be a real pain.

Before, there have been tools that will let you pull in random posts from the Internet and post that is your content. It’s great, in its own way, but the content that it produces feel ever so important fan pages is not necessarily the best thing for your audience.

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This is why SimplyViral was created so that you can pull in decent quality information from the Internet, information that has already gone viral, and use it on your Facebook fan pages to increase engagement and boost your subscribers.

Like most software of this type you connect to your Facebook page using an app. A video in the tutorial section gives you a clear and concise walk-through of how to do this and, once achieved, you can start using the software in earnest.

The first part of the software is the posting engine. This is fairly standard and allowing you to post your link, the message content and giving you the option of which fan pages to send it to, which groups and what time. There is an advanced scheduling app built into this, so you can easily set the time and date.

The posting engine is broken down into three different sections which allow you to post just a link, an image or a video to your Facebook groups. This is fairly standard software and doesn’t alter much from what you would usually get from a social media posting tool. Having said that, that does mean that it is pretty standard for the industry and works incredibly well.

The real power of this software, however, is the viral discovery section which allows you to choose from one of seven different platforms in order to find content and sets that content to post on your Facebook pages.

Clicking on the different platforms will show you the top trending topics of that platform. Next to each topic is a post button which you are able to click, that will set up a message that can be scheduled to post that content onto which have a Facebook pages and groups you want.

The fact that you can do this incredibly quickly means that you can produce content for days or even weeks in advance in a very very short space of time.

The software also allows you to pull trending topics a to Google and YouTube and to post that content as well.

The benefit is pulling in all of this content onto your Facebook page is that you will be posting something that you know is already viral. That means, without having to boost your Facebook posts, you will be posting content that will increase your engagement.

This tactic really can help boost the subscribers to your Facebook page and (as everybody knows) subscribers to your Facebook page can directly link to profits.

This is a great little tool and you would be hard-pressed to find another auto-posting Facebook software that will do as well.

Product Highlights:

Automatically create viral content
Fully editable images and videos
Publish content on fan pages and groups
Add watermark, filters, added text and more
Source content from world’s top-selling viral content websites
Create a stream of viral content for your fans and for your marketing
Pick the content you want, modify it and schedule it
Super easy to use, newbie friendly based upon proven technology

What We Like:

Super-quick Facebook posting
Ability to polite trending topics is invaluable
Modifying graphics helps to make it look your own brand
Content is from some of the best viral websites around
Scheduling is dead easy
Based on proven techniques to Facebook success

What We Didn’t Like

It only covers Facebook (would work well on Twitter two)
No ability to search for keyword
Training is good but minimal
You have to set up a Facebook app to get this working

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