Monetize Any Website, Even Facebook, With Your Own Links for Under $10

With Power AdsUp you can monetize any of your websites or even Facebook in just a few clicks.

The platform is launching today and has a simple aim, to make you more money.Currently it’s on sale for just $9.97 which is an absolute bargin. Let’s take a look at what it does…

Product Review:

This is a platform that helps you create ‘Native Ads’. The same sort you see being used by all of the big sites out there.

These types of eye catching Ads have been proven to get many more clicks than any of the alternatives.

The ads can be fully taylored so they go to the offers that make you the most money.


Product Image

The process is simple. Create an add group and adverts to go inside (there’s full training on how to do this). Then, use the code provided in your own website, facebook or anywhere that lets you use HTML.

And the great thing is, you’re not tied to a platform, so if you don’t use WordPress, you can still use these ads.

All of the ads are stored in a central location. That means, if you make changes in your admin panel, every website you’ve added it to will be updated instantly. There’s no more messing around with multiple accounts.


There is also a developer’s version available for $14.95. For a small extra cost you could create and run adverts for clients on their sites. That really does open the potential of this software up.

Product Highlights:

Make money with any of your sites
Easy To Create/Edit/Clone and manage ads in one place
Paste your code ONCE and then update all your sites from one control panel
You are in control of what the ads promote
Proven Ad Design That Gets Visitors Clicking
Works With Any Site, Blog and even Facebook
Mobile Friendly
Free lifetime updates and support

What We Like:

Gives you ads in a style which is proven to convert
Gives you control of the ads on your website
The Facebook integration is brilliant
Very easy to use
Robust site

What We Didn’t Like

The interface looks a little clunky

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Offer Validity

Currently: $9.97
Developers Licence: $14.95