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We’ve found this amazing reseller opportunity for you…

What if you could offer local businesses something that is usually only available to the big boys?

That thing is Reputation Management. That means protecting businesses from negative online publicity.

Check out the program.

What you get is a complete business backed by proven copywriting where you can earn recurring commissions and bring real benefits to your clients.

What I really love about this reseller opportunity is that by selling one package to one client, you’ll already in profit.

This is a service that local businesses are falling over themselves to have and, the chance is, you will be the only person in your area providing it.

Product Review:

Let’s be clear here, usually when we tell you a bed a service or some training, we are really reviewing the product that is available.

With this opportunity with dealing with something slightly different. What you’ll be doing is selling access to a piece of software that allows people to monitor their businesses reputation online.

This is incredibly important to most businesses because it only takes a few bad reviews in places like Facebook, trip advisor, yelp or on blogs and forums to really harm their business.

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This is where RepWorn comes in as the software search is all of the places online that can influence a customer in making a decision.

You might not know, 80% of people change their buying decision based on reading bad reviews online. The problem is, companies might not ever know that the review is that in the first place.

By monitoring your client’s name, brand, keywords and products they will know instantly if something negative is posted about them.

What’s great about this is that gives the business an opportunity to get out in front of the problem and deal with it before it causes them major issues.

The great thing about the software is how easy it makes this process. Without RepWorn you could spend all day, every day searching the Internet for this information. That’s why businesses are not doing this already even though there have been several news stories focusing on restaurants or hotels is businesses have suffered from bad reviews.

What you are going to be able to offer your clients is instant notifications when somebody is talking about them or that brand. It’s an easy to use piece of software which you can have up and running in minutes and it scans the web every five minutes, so you will always be the first to know when somebody posts a review.

On top of that, you also get an email which includes a link straight to the conversation. You can jump in right away and help the person giving a bad review, perhaps by offering them something as an apology.

The absolutely great thing about this program is that you will bring real benefits to businesses in your area and you can do so once building a sustainable business.

The development team behind RepWorn have spent thousands of dollars developing the software. This is not just some fly-by-night business, the software really works and there really is a need out there for this type of service.

But, the problem with this type of service in the past was that it was reserved for companies with lots of money. RepWorn is only going to set you back 67 bucks a month so you can start selling this into smaller businesses whilst still making a very good profit.

Product Highlights:

No Setup costs
High Demand (means easy income for you)
Completely done for you
Ready to make money from day one.
Recurring income!

And for your clients…

Instant Notifications
Point and Click’ Simplicity
Constant Vigilance
Unique REPWARN Monitoring
Protects their businesses reputation

What We Like:

I love how simple the software is to use
This is a real business oppertunity
There is a real need amongst businesses for this service
It’s recurring income. Sell once, get paid monthly.

What We Didn’t Like

This will probably be too expencive for very small businesses

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