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I must admit, I was very sceptical when I first heard about this software. So much so, I went out and bought a copy just to make sure it could deliver…

What I found was that the system they’re using is the same one I used to do manually for my SEO clients. It does work, as long as your careful with your keyword selection.

What you get is a platform where you connect social media and web 2.0 sites (like Blogger or Tumblr). You then syndicate out the links from your video or niche site to those platforms.

What I loved about this was you can set the syndication up into groups. Maybe you just want to post that your blogger and tumbler accounts or maybe just to twitter and Facebook. You can add those into specific groups making that dead easy. The trip seed content feature is also incredibly useful.

There’s a very short timeframe for the early-bird discount, you get 65% off but only for the next few hours.

Check out the demo here

Product Review:

Syndication software has gone away for the most part. Up until very recently the market leader was onlywire and (without paying a fortune every month) you could any connect up to 4 sites to syndicate to.

That’s where Synd Lab really comes into its own because, even on the basic account (which you don’t pay monthly for), you can connect up to 10 of your social media or Web 2.0 properties.

>> Find Out More –” /></center></p><p> </p><p>The process works because Google sees those types of websites as having a much higher authority than your standard blog network. The actual processed used by the software is the same that many SE0 companies use to help their clients rank.</p><p>By syndicating your content, your sending act social signals to Google that your content is valuable.</p><p>When you get inside the software you actually find is fairly simple to use. There is an add an account button when you add your social media or Web 2.0 accounts.</p><p>Once the accounts are added you can set them into groups. You can use a social media account in more than one group. Perhaps you have a post that you have already shared on Twitter and Facebook and you just want to send out to your blogging websites. That’s easy to do by creating several groups, something which gives us great overall flexibility when using the product.</p><p>From there, you create a post in the same way that you would if you are using social media tool.</p><p>The benefit of this software, however, is that for every type of content you try and syndicate, you get a different format to put in. So, your social media sites have a small box for you to add content into because that’s what social media sites expect from you. Your blog platforms give you a lot more flexibility, a WYSIWYG box for example and ability to in bed a YouTube video link.</p><p>What this means is that when you fill out the right information in both of those boxes and press syndicate, the posts will be going out to the right websites in the right formats, making your content seem much more organic.</p><p>The software does have some limits on, but there’s a fairly easy to work to while still gaining a massive benefit from the posting the software can do.</p><p><span class=Product Highlights:

Syndicate and Rank Your Videos
Syndicate and Rank Your Niche Sites
Automate Content Marketing
Automate Social Media Marketing

What We Like:

Very simple to use
Proven technique for ranking content
Good bonuses that help you with creating content
Dirt cheap early-bird price
Great training included

What We Didn’t Like

User limits and be a bit… limiting

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