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Quickly Rank 100s of Vids In YouTube + Google

Quickly Rank 100s of Vids In YouTube + Google

Hi Folks… We’ve been taking a look at Live Event Blaster 2which is a tool that lets you use YouTube live to stream in order to rank your videos. What’s great about this tool is that it lets you set up multiple events that will stream ‘as live’ and have a good chance of ranking…

Make Pro-Quality Video In 6 Clicks – All-In-One & Newbie Friendly Video Creator

Make Pro-Quality Video In 6 Clicks – All-In-One & Newbie Friendly Video Creator

Hi Folks… A new video tool called VideoRobot has just been released that streamlines the process of making good looking videos for your market. What’s great about this tool is that it gives you the flexibility to create any sort of marketing video you wish, quickly and easily. And, if you don’t know where to…

Turn Social Media Posts In To Shoppable Galleries That Make Sales…

Turn Social Media Posts In To Shoppable Galleries That Make Sales…

Hi Folks… Today we’re looking at a new tool for online shop owners, Snapify. It creates a gallery of "Shoppable Images" which you can post on social media. Shoppable images are images that link directly to a product and include calls to action, videos, email signup forms and even add to cart buttons. What’s great…

[New Tech] Create Super-Interactive Video Funnels – No Skills/Coding Needed

[New Tech] Create Super-Interactive Video Funnels – No Skills/Coding Needed

Hi Folks, We’ve been telling you how good video is for conversions and engagement for a while. But, what if you could take that to a new level with interactive videos that gave your viewers a choice about what they saw? Now you can. Check out the demo… Interactr is a new tool that creates…

World’s First Instagram Video Ads Builder – Create Storie Ads In Seconds

World’s First Instagram Video Ads Builder – Create Storie Ads In Seconds

Hi Folks, Instagram is the most engaged social media platform and now you can add to your story, increasing that engagement even further. Most stories are badly shot video or images but what if you could insert your professional video ad as a story for the world to see? Now you can. Check out the…

Create Your Own PBNs – Rank Fast In Google + Manage Sites

Create Your Own PBNs – Rank Fast In Google + Manage Sites

Hi Folks, This seems to be the week for SEO tools and if you liked Serpscribe the other day, you’re going to love this. See, personal blogging networks (PBNs) are the powerhouse of SEO. It’s the best way to create links back to your site and rank quickly. The problem is, they are a pain…

Powerful SEO Keyword Tool + Content Creator & Syndication

Powerful SEO Keyword Tool + Content Creator & Syndication

Hi Folks, I’ve just been playing with this new software and boy, if you want to rank your website, this is the tool for you… It’s called Serpscribe and this takes all of the legwork out of your keywords research. Check out the tool that’s going to burst your SEO wide open because it also…

WP Plugin – Animates Page Elements – Increases Engagement

WP Plugin – Animates Page Elements – Increases Engagement

Hi Folks, Hope you had a great weekend. I know I did but one of the reasons for that was because I got excited about this product. You know, most websites are static and that makes people just scan the text. Because of that, you might be losing sales. The best way to make people…

Solve Video Woes With 10-in1 Video Tool

Solve Video Woes With 10-in1 Video Tool

Hi Folks, You know, I love working with video but there are times when even high-end video tools make the process of video production a real pain. I mean, if you want to create one of those social media memes, you have to go through a whole process of loading the right software, choosing the…

Ad Creator + 250000 graphics + Full Stats + Massive Bonus

Ad Creator + 250000 graphics + Full Stats + Massive Bonus

I am really excited to be able to bring this to you today. Occasionally a tool will come along that changes everything. Today is that day…

Pixal Evolution is a brand new HTML5 & Rich Media ad & graphics creator.

Check out how you can use it to create interactive banners & graphics… you can even choose from a media library with over 250,000 graphics and a tonne of templates to get you started.

But, the best thing about Pixal Evolution is that your marketing tools are built straight in with these features…

❖ Built-in heat map
❖ Embed autoresponder forms
❖ Add Shopify Buttons
❖ Lives Skype buttons
❖ Full analytics
❖ GEO location
❖ Add poles
❖ Sell Eventbrite tickets
❖ Run split tests between different banners

And, if that’s not enough, you get a ton of features to help in creating your graphics including the ability to add transition effects, embed video and choose the perfect size for your graphic, based on where you will embed it.

This isn’t another cheap graphics creation program, this is being designed so that serious marketers get the right graphics for their customers and niches.

+ Bonuses…

You don’t just get the amazing Pixal Evolution software with this launch though. If you pick this up now you’re also going to get two massive bonuses:

The overlay module will let you add your own interactive graphics to already viral content. This will massively increase your engagement & help with both sales and leads.

Plus, all of this is completely mobile responsive. Don’t miss out on the 56.5% of FB traffic that uses nothing but mobile!

You can also get the full agency module today as well. Create graphics for your clients and then let those clients log in to the software to download your creations and see how their campaigns are performing. Full stats are included.

But… you can only get the software at this low price for a very limited time.

Think about this, the money you pay today won’t even get you the Adobe suite for 1 month. Plus, you have a massive learning curve with their software that you don’t with Pixal Evolution. And, Adobe doesn’t even come close when it comes to the marketing features included here.

You can pick up Pixal Evolution for a massively discounted price of just $67.

This is absolutely stunning. Get it now!

Product Review:

Occasionally a tool comes along that changes what we expect. Pixal Evolution is one such tool.

You might think this is just a simple HTML banner creator but actually, it goes far beyond the that with a raft of marketing tools included to help you sell using your graphics.

Basic setup of a graphic is very simple. You choose the niche and banner design that you want to begin with and then you are taken to a screen where you can make any modifications you want.

Creating the modification itself is very simple and to the use of art boards. Our boards are used in high-end graphics creation packages in order to be made images when they are off the visible area.

To find this in a modern IM tool is quite remarkable will save some of the endless messing around you might otherwise have encountered.

Setting up your animations is incredibly easy. You add an element and change its properties, it’s as simple as that. You can choose from a selection of animations that will let the elements slide, fly or fade into place. You can also choose from a vast library of graphics that will forever be at your fingertips.

But the real power of the software comes when you look at marketing features that are included with it.

Not only can you split test graphics (the first time I have seen a tool for creating graphics that does this) you can also embed forms and videos directly onto your advertisement.

The addition of Shopify buttons and Google maps, live Skype buttons and the built-in heat map make this a formidable tool for any marketer who wants both decent graphics and a way to track them.

As well as this, each banner that you create will be fully mobile responsive. With 72% of all US digital ad spending moving towards mobile platforms, this is more important now than it ever has been.

In fact, because the images you create are hosted on Pixal Evolution’s own servers, even on a non-responsive website, your graphics will appear perfectly on mobile devices.

For a limited period of time, Pixal Evolution comes up with two additional bonuses that had a stack of value to the product.

The first is an overlay module. This allows your newly created graphics to be overlaid onto a piece of viral content. By sharing your link to the viral content (a link that is more likely to be shared), you can have your advert pop up on the target page.

This has been used very effectively for some time in order to get traffic by piggybacking the articles on authority sites. This method alone can help you increase engagement, sales and leads.

In fact, you can get started with this straight away to get your ads out to the biggest audience possible.

The second module turns the software into a full agency. You can create graphics for your clients and have your clients logged into a dashboard area in order to see the statistics. This is an incredibly powerful tool, especially for those clients who want full control or like to dip in and out of statistics on a regular basis. You have no more creating monthly reports with this software. The client can find the information at any time.

But to see just how good this software is, you need to compare it to the competition. Bannersnack and Flexitive cost hundreds of dollars a year. You’re getting this software for less than 100 bucks.

If you wanted the top-level tools to do this work yourself, you would have to get something like the Adobe creative cloud suite. The price of Pixal Evolution is less than the price of one month with the full suite from Adobe.

So, what we have here is a very sophisticated marketing tool that allows you to create state-of-the-art animated graphics, overlay them on viral content and sell them to your clients, with full statistics included.

It is a tool that can compete with the top products in its field and yet, during launch, it is staggeringly cheap.

You have a range of animated templates, button presets, fonts, clipart and stock photos as well as unlimited storage for all of the graphics you create.

This is an absolutely stunning piece of software and I don’t hesitate in recommending it wholeheartedly.

Product Highlights:

❖ Freeform graphics creator
❖ Set graphic sizes
❖ Graphics database
❖ Transition effects
❖ Button creator
❖ Video embed
❖ Shape creator
❖ Menu Creator
❖ Embed forms
❖ Add Shopify buttons
❖ Built-in heat map
❖ Live Skype buttons
❖ Full Analytics
❖ Embed Google maps
❖ Geolocation
❖ Add audio
❖ Sell Eventbrite tickets
❖ Add polls
❖ Export to gift
❖ Export to MP4
❖ Split tests
❖ Campaign management
❖ Banner rotator
❖ Built in filters

What We Like:

Ability to download in HTML 5 and as MP4
Bonus modules add real, tangible value to the product
Heat map shows where your clients are really clicking
Split testing graphics, one of the most difficult things in marketing
Fantastic statistics that will really help you optimize your graphics

What We Didn’t Like

✘ It is easy to create tacky graphics if you’re not careful