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Hi Folks,

I’ve just been playing with this new software and boy, if you want to rank your website, this is the tool for you…

It’s called Serpscribe and this takes all of the legwork out of your keywords research.

Check out the tool that’s going to burst your SEO wide open because it also creates and syndicates content to WordPress and helps you do safe, white-hat backlinking.

That’s an awesome amount of stuff all packed in to one cloud-based platform.

Serpscribe comes with a bunch of modules that let you research both your keywords and your domains. Find out how many searches a particular keyword has, and what domains are already ranking for it.

You can also find out what ‘ranking difficulty’ your keyword has (on a scale from 1-100), so you don’t waste your time competing for keywords you’ll never actually rank for.

But, the best part about this software is the post creation and syndication. The software creates fully SEO optimised content and sends that out to a network of blogs, all at the push of a few buttons.

The article writing is almost automatic but you also get to use the SEO wizard which will tell you exactly what you need to do in order for it to rank perfectly.

I’ve not seen software like this before, not without spending thousands of dollars. This is likely to get you sold, white-hat results from SEO.

Now, there are two licences for the software. The commercial licence is only a few bucks extra, so get that whilst you can.

If you pick this up before 3pm EST, you’ll be getting the commercial licence for just $26 but the price will incease each day at 11.59pm EST, so it’s very easy to miss this one.

Grab your copy whilst you can and I wish you all the best for ranking in the future.

Product Review:

There has been software to help with ranking websites, ever since search engine optimization became a thing, back in the early days of the Internet.

Technology has, of course, moved on quite considerably since that time. Tools are coming down in price but are they still unaffordable for the basic webmaster. Now, things are about to change.


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Enter Serpscribe. This is a very powerful cloud-based platform the main job of which is to research keywords.

Unlike other tools, this is done almost at the click of a button, with information about ranking domains, the popularity of the keyword and how difficult it would be to compete for included in the information provided.

But, this is only the tip of the ranking iceberg. The software is also capable of creating back links to your content by creating and syndicating posts to a network of WordPress blogs.

And, some would say this is where the power of the software comes from. Without having to write an article yourself, the software picks up one of the many hundreds of articles available to it and spins that to create content. This content is then ranked using the built in “SEO wizard” so you know exactly what you need to do to the article to make it perfectly optimized.

Of course, this isn’t a completely automated system but, if you have ever dealt with spun content before, you will realize that this human overview is vital to getting the best looking and best reading content available.

Whilst the software has is only built in spinner, people who have bought “the best spinner” can also integrate that into the software. This makes it even more powerful because of the regard that the auto spun content from the best spinner is held in.

Once written, this information is sent out to a series of blogs with links back to your main site in order to help you rank. It’s like having your own personal blog network, although building your own network is a much better idea.

That said, the features included with Serpscribe make this an incredibly useful tool for SEO. In fact, it is a tool that would have come in very handy when I was ranking sites for a living.

One of the things to consider with SEO is that some of the links you create may be picked up by Google as spam. This is the case, even if you’ve done your best to be white-hat. Serpscribe have thought of that, however, and give you a tool to make it easy to disavow any links pointing to your site, keeping your safe from Penguin and Panda.

I’ve seen many SEO tools over the years but this is by far the easiest and most comprehensive. Whilst it doesn’t have all of the functions that a modern Optimiser would want in an SEO tool, it does contain a lot of the information necessary to rank. Some features are available as upgrades, others are sadly lacking but, for the price, this is an excellent tool that can really make a difference to your and your client’s businesses.

A word on this, if you want to use the software for your clients then you need to make sure you purchase the commercial licence. It’s only a few dollars more and those few dollars can make a wonderful investment.

Product Highlights:

Keyword & Competition Analysis – Instantly find 100s of longtail keywords (locally and globally) and key data like bounce rate, searches, and even how hard it will be to rank #1 for that term

❖ Unique Content Creation – Search our database of 100s of articles, then open it up in an editor and edit it however you want or spin the article. Find ’local’ articles like content about plumbers, or affiliate type content like Heath/Fitness.

❖ SEO Optimization Wizard – Let our wizard grade your article to see what else you need to add to rank on the first page of Google for that keyword term.

❖ Bulk Submit to WordPress – Once you have your article how you like, submit once to your WordPress site or ‘bulk submit’ to many Wp sites you have connected

❖ Safe Authority Backlinking – Get social signals plus find do follow blogs to leave safe comments on & ‘broken backlink’ opportunities to land your link on a high PR, do-follow site in a whitehat way

❖ Build Powerful, but Safe Link Pyramids – Between the bulk WordPress submission feature, built in spinner, and back linker you can great powerful linking pyramids to point to any property you want for fast #1 rankings

What We Like:

Comprehensive tool
Simple but powerful
Real ranking data, very useful to help your SEO needs
Syndiaction included

What We Didn’t Like

MIssing some features of bigger software (some available as upgrades)

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