Protect Your Digital Products – Complete Licencing System – No Monthly Commitment

Hi Folks,

Are you selling, or planning to sell any Digital Products online?

If you are, you really need to know about this…

A new licensing system called ProductDyno has just opened its doors to early adopters.

People who take up the offer today are going to be grandfathered in with lifetime access for a one-off fee.

Check out the demo.

Why do you need it?

This platform lets you securely deliver any type of digital product.

It integrates with your favourite payment gateways, auto responders and doesn’t give you any restrictions on how many clients or downloads you can have using the product.

Licensing is the last thing you think about it when you’re creating a product but it is so important.

Most licensing systems make you jump through tons of hoops to get everything set up. ProductDyno isn’t like that.

…And that’s what I really love about this platform. It is so simple to use that you don’t have to worry about protecting your products, you know this system is going to deliver for you.

Now, that only letting a small amount of people in under this early adopter scheme. When I checked, a load of the licenses had already gone.

So, if this is something you are interested in, get over there now and secure your place.

I would hate for anybody to miss out on this, it is amazing value.

Product Review:

So, you have created a product and you are about to send it out into the world.

But wait…

There is something you’ve forgotten. How are you going to stop people from accessing your content without paying for it?

The answer, of course, is a licensing system but these are often very difficult to integrate or incredibly time-consuming to set up. This is where ProductDyno comes in.

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ProductDyno is a complete solution to all of your licensing needs. Let’s be clear, those needs are often very extensive and, whilst other licensing platforms are available, they never to be completely covered by software.

This is where ProductDyno comes into its own of course. The system has been built to be very simple to use as well as integrate with your favourite payment gateways and auto responders.

One of the great features included in the pack is the ability to create combinations of paid software you can sell as a collection. Bonus products are always a great way of getting people interested in your main offer.

Because all of your products are under one roof, you will also be able to list other products that you sell that your customers may not be aware of. The whole platform really is geared to getting you those sales in the first place and protecting your content.

Licensing for software can easily be done through the APIs that are available and this alone can save you weeks of development time when working on WordPress plugins, desktop apps or SaaS platforms.

Product delivery using the platform is very flexible. Videos can be taken from any URL and a custom video player is included. This is a fantastic feature because it allows you to hide the source of your video so clients aren’t able to copy the links and pass them on to other people.

Other forms of content delivery have also been considered. ProductDyno gives you the ability to drip feed your content to your clients. It also has support for multiple file types so you can distribute your content however you want.

If you have even considered selling Digital Products, it’s my opinion that this is the best tool on the market. Having integrated my own products with licensing solutions before, this seems so much easier that I almost feel I should rip out those old integrations and use this platform instead.

Product Highlights:

Unlimited Clients
Unlimited Downloads
Unlimited Products (with unlimited account plan)
Integrations with payment platforms, Webhooks & autoresponders
Futureproof Development
Quick & Easy User Management
Fully Automated

What We Like:

Made by people who needed this solution
Great customisation features
Ability to use Webhooks to connect to almost any service
No limits on downloads or customers
Membership functions included

What We Didn’t Like

Not for everyone, you do need to have a digital product

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