Proven Video Marketing Tool That Lets You Rank Any Video

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There is a wonderful piece of software available that will let you rank any video.

I know, that’s a very bold claim that this is a very bold piece of software. See, the one thing missing of a video marketing is decent, detailed information about the types of videos that are ranking for your keywords.

X-Ranker is a tool that breaks down the keyword research process into four steps

★ Research
★ Create
★ Track
★ Backlink

You then use the software to find the right keyword for your campaign, create scheduled live events for the future, and then track their progress.

What this means is that when you create your video, you know exactly what key terms will be ranking best I will give you the best results. You will already have a head start in ranking your videos!

What’s really great about this is that it does completely take out any guesswork in ranking your videos. Just by planning your campaigns a few days in advance, you will see how well your videos will perform.

This is an extraordinarily powerful piece of software and something I wish I had had in my arsenal many years ago.

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Product Review:

X-Ranker is actually a very simple software to understand. Unlike other video marketing products, x-ray and to actually breaks down the process of keyword research for video marketing. Not only that but it puts it into an app that is incredibly sophisticated and yet easy to use.

First of all, you research the keywords that you want to use. This is possibly the most useful part of the tool because it tells you not only what people are searching for but whether any of the videos exist under those keywords.

But the real fun comes once you have chosen several keywords that might fit your video marketing campaign…

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The rest of the software is broken down into three steps that let you create live events within YouTube, track them, and add backlinks.

With your live events scheduled, YouTube will then start ranking those upcoming videos and the X-Ranker software will be able to tell you which ones are performing best.

This means you can set up 10 to 20 different live events all at once but you only have to concentrate on the ones that will actually give you a ranking video.

It’s like testing at the market before you do the work.

As you can imagine, that makes this piece of software incredibly powerful. You can pretty much guarantee to rank any video that you want to create by selecting the best possible keyword for it.

If you always to be able to say a piece of software can guarantee you a ranking in Google. Perhaps I wouldn’t go so far, even in this instance, but this piece of software comes the closest I’ve ever seen to fulfilling that goal.

When tested on my own videos, all based on Minecraft – not a profitable keyword by any means, the software performed incredibly well and I did increase the views that I got for one of my friend’s videos.

What’s more, I can easily see how this software could be used to directly market to people, by offering tools perhaps under the banner of a review.

That means that, in terms of video marketing, the software should give you a fairly decent return on investment (ROI) if used properly.

Well in all, this is a very well put together tool that I would highly recommend to anybody entering the field of video marketing. Results were good and fairly quick, even if you didn’t have to wait for your live event to start.

Product Highlights:

❖ Fully Automated Keyword Research
❖ Multiple YouTube Channels
❖ Integrates seamlessly with YT LIVE
❖ Rank before you even create a video
❖ Advanced Notification System
❖ Video syndication system
❖ 100% Web-Based

What We Like:

✔ Very simple to use interface
✔ Detailed information and training provided
✔ You really can rank any video
✔ Takes the guesswork out of video marketing

What We Didn’t Like

✘ You have to use live video (or ‘as live’ pre-recorded video)

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