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Many people still get SEO wrong, even though Penguin & Panda were over 6 years ago. But, Matt Garret has the solution to getting high-converting Google traffic with his tool, Rank Hijack. Here’s what it does…

Product Review:

Rank Hijack takes your keyword or niche and searches for content that is getting traffic and easy to out-rank. You can then out-rank that item and pick up the traffic that particular content was pulling in.

It’s like a free traffic system…

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The great thing is that there is extensive training for those of you who don’t know how to out-rank the competition and you could be pulling in visitors to your content in no time. Just follow the tutorials which give you a good grounding in SEO as well as basic and advanced methods of pulling in traffic.

The software also has a raft of filters that allow you to really refine the results you get. It really takes the guesswork out of SEO.

I don’t normally do this as I get to see a lot of products but I thought this was so good that I have purchased a copy for myself. As someone who used to do SEO for companies, that should be a bit of an endorsement.

Product Highlights:

No more wasting time on ranking unprofitable keywords
Comprehensive filters to hone down on your niche
Easily find backlinks and keywords for the content you will outrank
SEO Blueprint training manual and videos included
Advanced Traffic Tactics and training included
Completely newbie friendly

What We Like:

Amazing training videos, worth the price of the software its self
Removes the guesswork out of SEO
Hands you highly-profitable keywords you can rank for EASILY
A simple, newbie-friendly 4-step process
Reserve your favorite articles so only you can access them
Ever growing database of articles and niches
Tons of bonuses and extra resources

What We Didn’t Like

There is a bit of a learning curve for newer users
Some issues with 3rd party majestic.com integration

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With this software and training package you can pull in more traffic and, ultimately, money. Don’t miss out on this because the price is going up soon.

Have Fun!


Steve Mellor