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If you’re selling online you need to make sure you’re connecting testimonials and reviews.

If you’re not doing this, this product is for you and it will help you collect that data… All on autopilot.

Check out how it works in the full demo.

What I love about this product is that you no longer have to email your clients, collect their pictures or videos or text, get your web designer to at them to a particular page. It’s all done for you.

Adding testimonials and reviews can be pretty backbreaking work but without them, you won’t sell nearly as much product. With Review Trust, there is no more time and effort, all of this is done completely on autopilot for as many different websites and products that you have.

There is a special, simple pricing for launch week. Just 37 bucks a month and that includes all features as well as an enterprise license.

Product Review:

If you have bought any products before you will notice that most of them have reviews on the night. You want to the scapes them if you bought from places like Amazon but even top sellers rely on reviews and testimonials in order to get the message across.

These are what’s called “social proof” and they are one of seven important factors that make your products sell.

There really is no two ways about it, if you don’t have testimonials or reviews on your product pages, you won’t sell as much.

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And, this is where Review Trust comes in.

Before the process of creating these reviews, collecting the data from your clients, putting them onto your website has been a difficult one.

But, that is the case no longer. When you log in to your dashboard you’ll be able to see a series of video tutorials as well as buttons to view your campaigns or start a new campaign.

Starting a campaign is very simple, you can choose the name, description, vendor, a kind and testimonial type. You have three different types of testimonial open to you text, video and audio. It doesn’t matter what you choose because the software will get your clients to record the right type of testimonial.

Now, sometimes it is difficult to get your clients to partake in a review. In order to help with this issue, the software also allows you to bribe them with a gift.

All the while, you have access to in-depth video tutorials that take you step-by-step through the process of creating each campaign. You can have as many campaigns as you like going to as many different products has you have.

Once you have created your campaign you get the code which analyses it to be displayed on your website. This then means that your sites are connected with Review Trust and as people start responding to your email campaign, your testimonials will show up directly on your site.

But, you don’t have to stop that. Because of the nature of Rick the trust you can display these comments any way you want. If you have a landing page connected with the product, that is the perfect place where these reviews can help sell your product.

You can even filter through the responses that you get and select the ones that you want to display automatically.

The great thing about Review Trust is that you are not limited to how you use the software. Many of the software products we look at have other, more advanced options available if you pay extra money at the checkout. That is not the case with Review Trust, you pay a monthly fee and you get access to absolutely everything.

The guys behind Review Trust want you to have the best experience of using them from day one.

Product Highlights:

Automate collecting customer product testimonials/reviews
Quickly and easily display testimonials/reviews on your website
Increase visitor trust and make more sales

What We Like:

Very simple to use
Real software as a service, they want to keep you as a long time customer
Connects with multiple shopping cart systems
Generates real social proof on autopilot

What We Didn’t Like

Actually, this does what it says and does it simply. Firs tthe first time, there is nothing I can put in this section.

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