scientifically developed opt-in pages out convert everything else online

Genius Lander is a landing page builder with a difference. It uses a scientific method to segment and target the perfect prospects for your business.

Not only does Genius Lander help you deliver better quality leads it will stop your visitors in their tracks, so you get more attention. That’s all thanks to the ASPA system.

Attention… Segmentation… Proposition… Action…

Inside Genius Lander you are taken through a step-by-step process to set up your scientific landing pages. It takes just a few minutes & you don’t even need to worry about hosting.



Currently it’s πŸ’²47/yr – Exclusive Pre-Launch Access.  The deal is available until: 22nd October – (price may rise throughout the sale)

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Quick Review

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If your focus is on more leads and a better-targeted list, Genius Lander really performs well.

It will create very simple landing pages that are animated… not like traditional landing pages at all but something very, very simple that will focus your visiters attention on subscribing to your list.

It uses the ASPA formula and a simple step-by-step process to walk you through creating your pages. And, you don’t need to create complicated pages anymore. It works by just asking your prospects a few questions.

At first, this looks like its going to be too simple, but the team behind the software have thoroughly tested it and are getting very interesting conversion rates (better than the traditional landing pages they tested this against).

It’s a great tool and something that could be of great benefit to anyone wanting to build their list or generate more attention for their products.

What You Get

❖ Scientifically developed opt-in pages out convert everything else online
❖ New A.S.P.A. formula to get the best targeted leads and potential buyers
❖ Create unlimited list building campaigns / pages with zero limits on subscriber opt-ins
❖ Zero skills or prior experience needed
❖ Free page hosting, add to any website, blog… or even run with 3rd party site overlays
❖ See at a glance and sort pages by total views, unique visits, opt-in conversion and more
❖ There’s nothing to download or to install
❖ Full Pro level including hosting + VIP support for just one low annual fee

What We Liked:

βœ” Very simple to use
βœ” Step-By-Step process
βœ” Thoroughly tested against traditional pages
βœ” New, scientifially tested system

What We Didn’t Like

✘ Seems too easy and simple to actually work but has been tested