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You know, I love working with video but there are times when even high-end video tools make the process of video production a real pain.

I mean, if you want to create one of those social media memes, you have to go through a whole process of loading the right software, choosing the right size and resizing your video.

Check out this new 10-in-one tool that makes video even easier than ever… It’s like the Swiss Army knife of video production.

This tool handles 10 of the most annoying jobs in video production. From converting video to creating a gift animation, this pack has you covered.

You can easily crop or trim your videos, create soundtracks the exact length of your production, create thumbnails and animate photographs or by pressing a few buttons.

But my favourite tool has to be the Social Meme Creator. Just by importing your assets and titling your Meme, you can have a gif or video that is ready to be put on social media in a matter of moments. You can even add overlays for own custom look.

There are for personal and commercial rights included with this pack and it really will help you save time on those fiddly little video jobs that seem to take ages.

Right now, this is in Beta and so you can pick up the pack for just $37 which is 3.7 bucks per tool. That will contain the first 7 tools, with the finally 2 added later.

As tools 9 and 10 are added, the price is going to rise sharply. You have been warned!

Product Review:

If you create videos then there is no doubt about it, there are just some jobs that you absolutely dread coming up. And yet, these jobs come up all the time. Whether it’s creating Memes, resizing videos or changing your video’s format, everybody wishes there was an easier way of doing it.

Now there is…

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Video Tool Chest is the latest product that attempts to tackle all of these issues. At the time of writing, it is in Beta and only 7 of the tools are available (with two to be added later). That said, the quality and ease of use of the tools makes this a pack worth taking seriously.

Here’s what you get…

The Video Overlayer has been designed for people working on Windows have to deal with MOV files. Many people will know how difficult that can be since Apple stopped supporting QuickTime on Windows in 2016.

The Gift Compressor lets you take an animated gift and reduce its size dramatically. This is important so that it can be easily downloaded over the web, important for mobile phone users and people on slow connections.

The Social Meme Creator lets you make Facebook videos that can go viral. You will have seen them, with a piece of text at the top and bottom and the video sat in the middle. Making them by hand is a real pain, this takes away that issue. For me, this is probably the most useful tool in the box.

The Sets Previewer lets you quickly and easily find animations and images for your videos. It is one of the most tedious jobs in video production, grabbing the right video or image, this makes it 10 times easier.

The Video Converter lets you take video and publish it in any format that you want. I would say this is the second most useful tool. I have actually paid more money than the price of this pack to get a tool that does exactly this job.

The Pallets Creator helps you come up with pallets based on a single image. This makes it easy to choose the colours for text overlay animations.

Photo To Video FX lets you take a photo and give it the Ken Burns effect (on zooming in and out or moving left to right). Doing simple pans and zooms with photos is a very quick way to build up a good looking video without having to worry too much about finding footage.

The Crop, Size & Trim tool makes it very easy to resizing videos or take a crop of your videos for use in a different production.

The Sound Track Creator find a music background for your video that fits the length of the video. This is a very useful tool as it does save hours of hunting around for the right audio track, with the right license.

Finally, the Thumbnail Creator is any way of making thumbnails for your videos. This is incredibly important when you’re using something like YouTube as you don’t want to have to rely on the few thumbnails that they provide for you.

There’s is a lot to go over in this pack but here you do find suite of tools that just let you get on with the job, instead of having a load of set up time for each task.

The tools run on your computer (for windows in both 32 and 64-bit modes). They are fully compatible with both Windows and Mac. One of the downsides of the tool is that you can only use one tool at a time, but anybody who is used video realizes that you can’t do too many video tasks at any one time, without a very powerful computer.

On the whole, this is an incredibly useful tool that can save you time and not a fair amount of heartache. If you plan on working in video at all, check out this bundle today.

Product Highlights:

10 Video Tools
Windows / Mac Compatible
Solves many major video time-sync issues

What We Like:

Very simple to use
Simple user interface
Quick rendering times
Easiy saves time

What We Didn’t Like

It doesn’t look as good as other tools, but it does seem to be as powerful

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