Super-Affiliate Training + New Tool = Boost In Affiliate Profits

Hi Folks,

You know, you don’t need to be some marketing genius to start earning a living from affiliate marketing but people often get stuck on the basics.

What if I were to tell you that you could learn everything you needed to get going properly from a top Super-Affiliate?

Well, now you can. Not only that, you also get an amazing tool that will help you build your own lucrative buyers list (the heart of your online business).

Check out what you get…

The best thing about this is that you get a tool that directly connects to your JVZoo account and pulls out a list of people who have bought from you.

That list can then be imported into your autoresponder and you suddenly have a list of people who you know are buyers.

Now, there’s an early bird offer on this. You’ve got 4 hours (until 3 pm EST) to get this at 25 bucks. The price is going up after that.

If you’re still having problems getting your online business off the ground, what better person to learn it from than someone at the top of their game.

Product Review:

I’m going to jump straight into talking about exactly what you get with this product because what you get with this product it absolutely amazing.

Firstly you get a tool that is going to take people who have bought from you in the past and put them on a list that you can import into your autoresponder.

That, on its own, is worth the price tag…

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But, the heart of this product is actually in the training that is provided as well.

Affiliate marketing has long been the best way to consistently build an online income. That’s why so many courses focus on it because it absolutely works 100%.

Having said that, many people get stuck on the basics but the fact is, you don’t need to be a marketing genius or have crazy copywriting skills in order to succeed.

Many courses will tell you that you need to blog all day or follow the latest trends, to generate tonnes and tonnes of traffic or slave over social media. It’s just not true

The best way to create your recurring income is by using a list.

Using the software provided, you can start collecting the names and emails of people who have actually bought through your links in the past. That means that you are building up a list of people who you know will actually buy from you. That is incredibly valuable.

Coupled with that, you get a seven-step training system that will tell you the absolute basics of what you need to know. The great thing about this, however, is that the absolute basics can get you started very very quickly.

Inside the University you will learn money had to get started and what affiliate marketing is but also how you can start getting free traffic.

They have information on list building and promoting launches. They have information on email marketing as well. It really is a fantastic training module that is going to kickstart your career in Internet marketing.

But, you really want to get the absolute best from this product then I would recommend taking a look at what you offered after you’ve purchased.

The ZooWarrior team have produced a Pro version of this software and training as well.

The advanced university course is absolutely fantastic and will go into the next stages of building up your list.

The advanced software actually connects to your autoresponder so suddenly you create your buyers list on complete autopilot.

We don’t often recommend buying the extended products when we do reviews, this time it is absolutely worth every single penny.

But, don’t feel like (if you can only afford the basic version for example) there is nothing in the standard software. Don’t forget, you’re already getting your CSV file full of names and addresses and you already get the seven step basic training to get you started.

This really is a great product and I highly recommend it to anybody at there working on their affiliate marketing business.

Product Highlights:

Build a list of people who purchase through your affiliate promotions
Track up to 31 offers inside JVZoo
Know what types of products your audience wants to buy
See how much money each offer is making you
Export your list to CSV
Find out who refunds and what products they refunded

What We Like:

The training is absolutely top notch. Worth the price alone
You can build up a list of real buyers, straight from the software
Drill down in to your list, remove people who always refund
See how much money each offer is making you

What We Didn’t Like

The price is going up soon

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