Supercharge your Facebook Lead Generation

I’ve just found a really useful tool for supercharging your facebook ad campaigns. It’s called Leads Tunnel.

If you collect leads using Facebook, you have to log in and download a spreadsheet in order to access them and add them manually. That’s a major issue…

It takes time away from your busy day
Autoresponders don’t like you adding people manually
If you don’t send leads somethign straight away, you will loose them forever

What Leads Tunnel does is automate that process for you, so your autoresponder is happy, facebook is happy and you get in front of your prospective clients quicker.

Once set up this is all on autopilot. Pretty cool, eh?

Check out, it’s got a special launch price for the next 24 hours.

Product Review:

The best converting Facebook ads are the Lead Forms but they come with their own problems. Facebook is notoriously difficult to deal with on compliance and many ads don’t even make it on to the platform in the first place.

As well as that, removing new leads from the Facebook interface is a real pain. Of course, they want you to keep everything in their platform. As Internet Marketers, we know that pusing people in to our own autoresponder accounts is the best thing to do.

Lead Tunnel is a piece of software that lets you solve those problems in just a few clicks.


Once you log in to the software, you’ll find everything is fairly easy to use. Basically, you connect together your facebook account with your autoresponder account.

You can even connect some CRMs and you can connect more than one of each, so if you want to put someone on your mailing list and on to your webinar platform at the same time, you can.

Once your campaign is set up in facebook, a few clicks in the software will connect that campaign to the audoresponder you want, and the correct list.

At that point, all of the connections you make in Facebook will be pushed in to your Autoresponder in real time.

As well as that, included as a bonus is some of the most advanced level Facebook training you’ll ever see. The package is worth it for this alone.

If you are fed up of people putting in fake email addresses on your opt-in forms or loosing data to Facebook’s advertising system then this is a platform that solves your problems.

Product Highlights:

Quickly Exploit a New Ad Type Most Are Ignoring…
Eliminate Hours of Unnecessary Manual Work!
No More Compliance Issues with Facebook And Your Webpages
100% Cloud Based – Nothing to Install or Complex Scripts to Set Up!
Instantly Integrate with Up To 21 Autoresponders!
Connect Directly To Your Favorite Webinar Platform!
Put Your Leads Into an Autoresponder & Webinar Platform with ONE opt-in!
Automatically Imports Your Leads in REAL Time!
One Time Cost!
100% SECURE – they don’t STORE your leads!

What We Like:

Autoresponder integration is quick and easy
Saves tones of time when using Facebook
You’ll never loose leads because you were too slow to send them something
Finishes off what Facebook started with their Lead Forms
Bonus training is worth it’s weight in gold

What We Didn’t Like

Only works with one type of Facebook advert

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