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So, this software has been designed to help you instantly index the links you build back to your website.

Indexing links can sometimes take weeks or even months. With this tool you just put in the links you want to index and let it do it’s job.

The process takes a few minutes and your links will suddenly appear in Google. You can even use it to get Google to quickly index your own website in minutes.

See it working in the demo here

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Product Review:

Ranking your website on Google can be a complex task. That’s why any little tip or trick you can use to help along the way is invaluable.

Many marketing tools out there will give you some sort of report on how well you websites ranking, or the on page optimization changes you could make to get it to rank higher.

But, most of these tools may site the most important factor in SEO which is still the amount of back links you have going to your site.

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Building those back links can be a particularly painstaking task at times. One of the things optimizers have to be careful of is creating links that then just never get picked up by Google.

This is where kick ass indexer comes in. With this tool you can guarantee your website and the back links you create for it is going to get seen and indexed by Google.

This is not particularly new technology but the tool does seem particularly easy to use, with plenty of features to make sure Google sees your sites.

This process should be both Penguin and panda friendly and you should see almost instant results as Google picks up the back links you’re creating and had to them to its algorithm.

All in all, this is a very nice piece of software and one that anybody who is serious about running their own website should have in that tool bag.

Product Highlights:

Tried and tested software
Use on your main sites or
Web 2.0 properties
Fast Indexing
No Link Limits
Free Link Grabber Plugin
Cloud Backbone

What We Like:

Very simple to use
A real bonus if you’re building backlinks
More links = More traffic

What We Didn’t Like

A little bit of set-up is required
PC Only

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