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Do I need to go over the statistics again? Video ads are amazing, everybody says so and can help you get higher click-through rates, sales and engagement.

Well, now the guys behind DropMock have made it possible for you to make really high-quality video adverts for whatever you want, in less than 60 seconds.

They provide you with professionally produced footage and in 3 steps you can add your own titles and music over the video to make your own pitch video.

Check out some of the videos you can create.

The best thing about this is the sheer time you save. If you need something quickly then this software will put together a custom video for you in seconds. That video can then go on to YouTube, Facebook, your blog, wherever you want.

You can even supply the finished videos to your clients.

Pitch is on sale right now for just $27. It’s definitely worth seeing it in action for yourself.

Product Review:

By now, everybody knows the power of video ads. The statistics are clear with 80% of users recalling a video ad base or in the last 30 days, 77% of customers saying they been convinced to buy because of watching a video and 36% of all online customers trusting video adverts, it’s clear that anybody selling products right now should be using video advertising.

Until now, however, it has been fairly difficult to get together and almost impossible to do on a budget.

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Pitch is a new online software that provides you with high-quality professionally produced videos to create your video ads with.

The idea is simple, you choose one of their pre-recorded videos, add your own titles over the top, choose the music (from a large list of provided music available) and then render out your video.

You can even add your logo to these video clips, or your client’s if you’re creating the videos for them.

The power of Pitch lies in the sheer amount of niche is that you can supply video for. But, as well as a big list of videos available, the interface used in order to build the videos is also incredibly simple.

Once you have chosen your clip you are given 3 scenes where you can position your text. You add the text to any one of six different positions and you can choose the font size the font colour and whether it has a background. You can even change the font style if you wish.

The whole system has been created so it is incredibly simple for you to achieve results with the software. It doesn’t do some of the high-end things that you might expect from a proper video editor but it does mean that you can get videos act quickly and efficiently that look incredibly professional.

If you want to create quick yet effective videos then Pitch may very well be the tool for you. One downside is the limited amount of videos that are available, to begin with, but with a little creativity you can work around that.

Product Highlights:

Premium Video Ad Software
Professionally edited video templates
Advanced Editor
Licensed and professionally edited Music tracks
UNLIMITED Previews and Downloads of all the Video Ads that you create

What We Like:

Very simple to use
Video is of the best quality
Unlmimted previews and downloads is useful

What We Didn’t Like

Limited Videos
Limited positions/timings for text

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