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Instagram is the most engaged social media platform and now you can add to your story, increasing that engagement even further.

Most stories are badly shot video or images but what if you could insert your professional video ad as a story for the world to see? Now you can.

Check out the demo…

"Stories" allows you to create a video ad specifically for Instagram in a matter of minutes.

It is 100% integrated with both Instagram and Facebook allowing you to create and run your videos ads directly from the "Stories" dashboard.

The video templates are easily adjustable with your own image, audio and text and, once your assets are uploaded, they only take a few minutes to render.

But, the best thing about "Stories" is that it will help you generate more traffic and engagement. In fact, we know this works because 70% of businesses were using Instagram in 2017 using twice as many stories as were posted on Snapchat.

Stories are on sale right now, there is a special early bird discount. You can pick up a personal license today for just 💲37.

But, this will only last until 4PM EST, so in order to get the lowest price, you have to act now.

Product Review:

Instagram has, for some time, stood as the best social media tool for engagement. Until recently, however, restrictions in how you post shut that platform away from most businesses.

Now it has opened up, businesses are able to pay for adverts, but this is still a very young ad platform and that is what "Stories" is trying to tap in to.

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The inside of the software is very much like other video production tools. You get to choose from a shortlist of templates, the most used, or you can create your own, using an expanded list of templates.

The templates themselves are easily editable, allowing you to choose the exact images, audio and text to add to your advert.

This is the same system we have seen in similar software, such as AdReel, but these are completely focused on the best format for Instagram, which does take this to a new level.

What’s good about this familiarity is that it is proven to be effective for people who have never used video ads before.

But the real powerhouse of this software is how it attaches to your Instagram account and allows you to manage the adverts from right within the software. That really is a smart addition to the software that means

Product Highlights:

❖ Create sales & animiated videos
❖ Present your products in the most engaging way possible.
❖ As confirmed by TechCrunch & Hubspot, it will lead to more sales & profits.
❖ Run powerful Video Ads to your Affiliate Offers
❖ Run Facebook Ads, Run Video Ads or Post on Social Media
❖ Get Shares and Viral Free Traffic
❖ Use the Commercial License to Promote businesses
❖ Help Gym Owners, Restaurants, Spa Centers or any niche you can think of
❖ Help Brick & Mortar business with their branding & exposure
❖ Over 50 eCom specific Video Templates ready for you
❖ Promote any physical product you can imagine
❖ Use Storie to promote your specific Store Items
❖ Promote your store via Video Ads to Generate Massive Traffic

What We Like:

Simple to use
Tamplates in many niches which can be repurposed for other videos
Full control over the content of the videos
Quick video products for people short of time
Facebook & Instagram integration is very smart

What We Didn’t Like

The video production process its self is not something new

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