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So, you want to use the power of video to build your list but you don’t know where to start.

This new WordPress plug-in makes auto-generated video sites for you that have been proven to help get you organic traffic.

Check out they create a video sites in just a few minutes… And the great thing is, this works in any niche and has search engine optimisation built in.

But the best thing about the software is that it is billed for you to market.

It comes with an opt in system which allows you to turn any visitor into a subscriber, and build your list. It is also fully integrated with Amazon so with the push of a button you can start selling Amazon affiliate products.

The plug-in also uses the latest technology so you can lock a video and force your users to share on social media or sign up to your list before it can be viewed.

We seem some themes that do this sort of thing in the past and they were fairly good. With its selection of designs that are fully responsive and have been tweaked for the marketer in mind, this plug-in blows the competition out of the water.

It goes on sale today for just under 17 bucks. That’s an early bird offer is going to run out at 2 PM EST.

Don’t miss out!

Product Review:

For quite some time now people have been realising the power of video when it comes to generating traffic and generating leads. But, it can be difficult, if you are not creating your own videos, to come up with enough content to fill up a website. More than that, it can be an absolute pain to try and create enough content yourself and, of course, incredibly time-consuming and expensive at that.

For a little while many people have been creating ways of getting your own video website whilst pulling from popular sites like YouTube. The one difference is, they have never thought about the marketing wants that video is on your website.

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This is really where the power of Ultravid comes in. It is a WordPress plug-in that is specifically designed in order to create the types of websites that we’ve been talking about.

But, it also thinks about the way that people are going to interact with your website once they find the videos. It allows you to have social sharing and list building built directly into the videos (so your audience can’t view the video unless they take action themselves). This is an incredibly clever way of building up traffic and building up subscribers to those videos, so that even though you’re sharing content you also getting a major benefit.

What most of these video sites tends to do is I like people to watch the videos give you space is where advertisements can be placed on the videos. This is an incredibly passive way of thinking about monetizing your website and where Ultravid changes this dynamic is by making these things active. You have to press the button to share it, you have to put in your email address in order to watch the content.

Not use the system built with access to get response, a web and mail chimp, it also lets you put in your Amazon ID so you can sell Amazon products directly on your website.

Imagine this, you run the website for WebCams, the latest televisions, the latest camera equipment. These websites are populated with reviews of the very products that people might want to buy. Alongside each one of these reviews is a link to purchase that product directly from Amazon.

Imagine how much more powerful that is that having a website is clearly just about selling people the products in the first place.

They may go to you for advice but then the adverts connected with those videos are so amazingly relevant you may end up getting sales through them.

Ultravid interface is incredibly simple to use, it looks very good and is a little bit different from the standard word press norm.

You videos by answering your keyword or key phrase and then clicking a checkbox at the top of each one to select which ones you want to be included on your website. You also have complete freedom to review these videos before actually going live. The videos open up in a little pop-up window so you can trail them before adding.

All in all, and for the discounted price that is available today, this is a very good plug-in indeed. It solves a lot of the problems that you would normally find wave these video creation plug-ins or themes yet it still thinks ahead to what you need to do in order to build up your audience and build up your list.

Product Highlights:

Groundbreaking 1-Click Autopilot Money Making Sites
Best video curator on Earth automatically adds videos that CONVERT
100% unique content SEO-optimized created for you
Lock any video until user likes, shares, subscribes, clicks ad etc.
Get viral traffic & sales with the push of a button
Built-In Lead Generation System Builds Your List On Autopilot
Sell ANY product with beautiful banners
Fully integrated with Amazon
Professional Stats + Reporting Inside The Admin Panel
SEO Built-In Turning Your Site Into a #1 Ranking Beast
Mobile Responsive Design

What We Like:

Built in social sharing
Build in Amazon products
Built in list building
100% Mobile Responsive
Nice looking templates

What We Didn’t Like

No ability to drip feed (available in ‘Pro’ version)
Analytics would be nice
No developer’s rights (available in ‘Pro’ version)

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