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Hi Folks,

Hope you had a great weekend. I know I did but one of the reasons for that was because I got excited about this product.

You know, most websites are static and that makes people just scan the text. Because of that, you might be losing sales.

The best way to make people actually read your content is having some movement on your page to draw attention…

Check out the WordPress plugin that animates your page, independent of what theme or page builder you’re using… More Movement = More Engagement = More Sales. And, you can do this on your own site in minutes!

In fact, these visual cues can actually help increase your sales quite dramatically.

In fact, the best thing about this plugin is that it will force your visitors to focus, read more and buy more from your website.

Another great thing about this plugin is that you don’t need to swap page builder or themes to take advantage of it. This means, if you decide to change your theme, you won’t have to go back through your site, painstakingly re-adding your animations to each page.

And it’s so easy to use. The plugin comes with over 50 animations and 20 male and female voice prompts & sound templates (Yes, you can add sound, like button clicks as well), detailed video training and full PDF User Manual / Tutorials

And, if I wasn’t absolutely blown away by the plugin its self, the price has flawed me.

Currently, the price is rising between now and Aug 12th, when this will be 66 bucks.

Right now, you can get this for just $26, which is an amazing 40% discount.

But, that pricing won’t last forever and it will be going up at midnight tonight (Aug 7th, EST), so be sure to get this now to lock in the much lower price.

Seriously, this is an amazing tool and it’s been a long time coming. I’m thrilled to be able to tell you guys about it.

Product Review:

It has long been known that movement on a web page will increase the likelihood that people will pay more attention to the text. This is why animation has become increasingly important in website design in recent years.

The problem with this, however, has always been that the animation is tied to a specific page builder or theme. This means that when you want to change themes or update your page builder, all the hard work you have done with your animations is lost. But now, there is another way of animating your web page with the new plug-in, Animatio.

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What really makes this plug-in stand out is the amount of animations included with the pack. There are 50 different things that you can make elements on your page do from pulsing to rubber-banding and everything in between.

And, the use of these animations has been shown to drastically increase the impact to your page has with your viewer.

You see, the human attention span is only three seconds (it used to be eight) when viewing a web page. That’s worse than a goldfish… Of course, you don’t get many goldfish on the Internet.

The solution to this three-second problem is animation. In fact, one case study showed a significant increase in the take-up of a promotion when animation was added to the web page. There is no doubt this tool could have a significant impact on your sales by increasing engagement in your content.

Animation isn’t the only thing that this product offers, however. There are also a significant amount of male and female voices as well as other sound elements that can easily be added to the page at the touch of a button, or when an item is hovered over. Of course, these are secondary to the main animation points and some people might even find the inclusion of signs like this intrusive, although adding a button click might not be so bad.

One of the features that make this plug-in a particularly interesting one is that it can work with any theme or page builder created using WordPress’ best practices. That really does give this plug-in an immense amount of power. No longer do you have to rely on a particular theme, builder or page template in order to add animations to your site.

In fact, if you wanted to you could build themes yourself and use this plug-in to handle any animated elements you wish.

If you sell or promote anything online, this plug-in makes it easy to add points onto your blogs, bonus pages, review pages or landing pages (that is stored within word press) that will help you instantly engage your audience. The whole idea behind it is to help you boost sales and, in doing so, you get to add some nice-looking animations to your web page.

In fact, this is so powerful that you can perform at most of the steps in well under three minutes. I can’t stress how easy this is to use and when you put that aside, the levels of engagement you can get from it, you end up with quite a formidable plug-in.

This is a tool I wish I had access to several years ago. He would’ve made creating web pages that are interesting and innovative an awful lot easier and would have meant I wasn’t tied down to a theme or page builder.

Product Highlights:

Simple User Interface
50 Animations Included
Works With All Themes & Page Builders
50 Male & Female Voice Templates
30 Sound Effects
Full Training & Tutorials
Timer, Delay, Repeat & Pixel Scroll

What We Like:

Independent of themes or page builders
Very quick to animate elements
Super-easy interface

What We Didn’t Like

This can easily be overused and make the page look tacky

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