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Hi Folks,

If you’ve STILL not got a website up and running, this is for you.

If you’re a veteran, check this out too – I know you’ll find it interesting…

It’s a WordPress theme that lets you create high-converting, authority websites on any niche you want, all without having to write a single blog post.

But, the best thing about this theme is that encourages your visitors to sign up to your site and those sign ups go straight into your autoresponder.

Check out the theme.

What’s great here too is that you can use this on as many sites as you want…

For under 50 bucks you can create tens, hundreds even thousands of websites if you want, all in different niches.

Or, develop sites for your clients… It’s all included.

Product Review:

Never write a single blog post ever again. That is the promise of Covert Gawker a word press theme that has been designed to help you create authority sites in any niche you want.

The focus of the websites you build is to get people to sign up to your list by providing them with great content. But, much like other news sites around the Internet, you don’t have to create this content yourself. This is what’s called “curated content” and it is very popular in many places online.

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The Theme its self is 100% responsive and works well regardless of the device your visitors are using. Theme setup and customization is covered by a series of step-by-step tutorials along with an easy-to-follow set up with it.

This wizard, along with the many included options also makes it very easy to customize and you will find your able to create more than just authority sites but affiliate sites or portal sites for your other blogs and products.

As well as this, Covert Gawker has many advertising options that allow you to promote anything you want. You can use AdSense, your own banners or maybe Amazon products.

What’s great about this particular offer is that not only does it include a multisite license but you are also able to use it on your client’s sites.

That means you can decide to target as many different niches is as you want, keep running the profitable ones and then sell or flip the others for profit.

Visitors entering the site will be pushed into signing up as a member. Those who join your membership also put directly on to your favourite autoresponder.

Once you gain a member, they are then able to submit articles straight to your blog, so that you can grow without ever having to do any work yourself.

If you’re new to building websites all looking for an easy way to set up a website if your niche, Covert Gawker is a great place to start.

Whilst it went do everything on complete autopilot (that is a plug-in available that will help with this as an upgrade) you can pull in some great traffic by running authority sites like this.

The best thing about this theme is that by running it you will increase your list and, with proper promotion, you can end up with an ever-growing list of new customers.

Product Highlights:

100% responsive
Step-by-step tutorials
Automatic list builder
Free social media traffic
Full flexibility
Easy customization
Great support
Fully monetized

What We Like:

Very simple to set up
Automatically gain subscribers
Proven system
No writing needed

What We Didn’t Like

You need hosting and a WordPress install
It does take some time to set up

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